Streetlights in Ampleforth

Nearly all the streetlights in Ampleforth are now owned and maintained by North Yorkshire County Council.

The following ones are owned and maintained by Ampleforth Parish Council:

  • By the Village Hall
  • Station Road – in garden off track which runs west, below the cemetery
  • Path/Track north off Back Lane to East End – to be replaced then adopted by NYCC, due date 31 March 2014
  • Back Lane/East Lane heading east from St Benedict’s School.

Reporting faulty streetlights – out, flickering, on during the day etc.

Please contact the parish clerk if the light belongs to the parish council.  If not, or you are not sure, please contact NYCC Customer Services or the clerk, email, tel 0845 241 1307, or visit NYCC’s  website to report online.