The Cemetery next to St Hilda’s Church is owned and looked after by the Parish Council.

Please contact the clerk to discuss the fees if a former resident moved into a residential or nursing home, or left for some other reason.



Burial £317.00 £1200.00
Second burial in double grave £317.00 £317.00
Child under 16 years of age £0.00 £0.00
Cremated Remains – burial in plot (tablet size) £151.00 £302.00
Cremated Remains – burial in plot where upright memorial will be erected. Note, when the existing row is full, no more plots for upright memorials will be available. £210.00 £630.00
Cremated Remains added to existing ashes plot or grave £140.00 £140.00
Memorial – upright, for burial plot £130.00 £130.00
Memorial for Cremated Remains – tablet 15″ square £68.00 £68.00
Memorial – upright, for cremated remains £130.00 £130.00
Additional Inscription on existing memorial £25.00 £25.00
Reserved burial plot (see conditions) £200.00 £600.00
Reserved Tablet sized plot for cremated remains. (see conditions) £75.00 £150.00
Reserved plot for cremated remains with an upright memorial (ltd no. of places left) see conditions £100.00 £200.00
Exclusive Right of Burial £125.00 £125.00
Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial £30.00 £30.00
Burial Register Search Fee inc one copy of the entry £28.00 £28.00